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Indeed Every Business Needs Customers.
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  •  Radically alter How You Acquire New Customers - You get options on how to set up and deploy smart ways of attracting and retaining spending customers 
  •  Boost Your Sales - Implement new or improve existing sales and operations systems to increase sales by frequency and spending average.
  •  Increase Profits - Plug the holes in your advertising war chess. Fix issues to reduce and review core offers; 
Our Digital Marketing Formula Gives Your Everything You Need to re-calibrate your venue, attract more and  better spending customers, Increase Revenues and boost moral.
From: Serge Aoussou (London)
Re: Can I really use your digital marketing services and sales funnels solutions to get more customers and also save money in advertising?

If you are reading this, you are most likely a hospitality venue owner or manager looking for solutions to increase your customers flow and boost your revenues. 

You may already find it more and more difficult (and costlier) to invest more money to attract customers and get them to spend their money in your establishment.  

You are not alone. 
With Our Master Plan executed for you, you will plug the leaking holes in your money bucket; Which means That You Will Transform Your Venue

You get custom made Digital Marketing and Sales Solution designed, built and deployed to help attract, nurture and retain spending customers to your hospitality Establishment.
Discover How To Use our Digital Marketing Service In Your Venue!
Tell us your GOAL and We'll show you the most appropriate solutions for your venue. 
During your Free consultation session, we will go over some key points to come up with a strategy adapted to your reality.
You get clear, concise and honest recommendations on powerful, well crafted Measurable Marketing Sales strategies to bring customers to your venue.
Helping you reach the coveted "Always Full" status
Most small or local venues rely on “word of mouth”, or review sites to attract in new customers... 

They also invest in local advertising, such as newspapers, coupon-magazines, radio spots or discount marketing voucher sites like Groupon, Living Social or Wowcher...

The problem is that it can be HUGE upfront cost as well as delayed payments after sale which can negatively affect your cash flow (and you don’t even know if it’ll be worth it)...

Or, they build a website, set up their social media channels, list their venue on listing sites… and start the waiting game.
If you build it, they will come... right?
Unfortunately for most local establishments like yours, often it's just not true.

But that’s not even the worst part…

You probably open your venue with a vision as part of a mission.

You wanted to create something special and transform your town centre or city in your own special way…
...but how can that happen if your establishment never get the chance to really serve the customers it is intended for?

Staying relevant is an ongoing concern and with the daily mental and physical requirements you need to run things; It starts to become emotionally and financially unpleasant. 
It is harder to turn a profit, compete and scale.

Often the main culprit?  Cash Flow Problems! 

This is the #1 reason small/local hospitality venues like yours are struggling and can’t really grow. 
When we talk about customers acquisition, let's see what really happens.

Spending minimal amounts or no money at all won’t get new customers into your business... however the high-cost of advertising to acquire new customers ends up eating up all the profits... sound familiar? 

It’s the catch-22 that kills so many businesses:

You need customers so you can generate money for your business…

But you need to be able to spend enough money on marketing and advertising in order to acquire a new customer!

Sometimes it feels like a loosing battle but I promise you one thing; There are ways to turn things around.
The most important question is the following: 
 “How Can You Spend enough Money To Attract NEW Customers To Your Venue Consistently... and, 
Still Remain Profitable?”
Your digital transformation can start showing you results from Day 1
This consultation will give you a clear, concise and honest recommendations on powerful, well crafted Measurable Marketing Sales strategies to transform your venue.
You need a Marketing and Sales Funnel - 
A marketing and sales system that can allow you to invest all the money you need to attract customers to your venue and still remain profitable.

Truth is; If you are counting on your website, traditional advertising channels or “review sites” to generate customers for your venue, then you are at the mercy of too many variables that you do not control. 
You need a solid marketing and sales plan that can reliably bring you customers and maximize your advertising budget. 
Without this, it gets harder to have the impact that you really want.

It's simple but not easy. 
However, when it’s done the right way, you can easily get new customers consistently - AND actually make a profit.

There's no magic tricks in what we do.
These are trenches Tested and Proven Strategies that Work (regardless of
 the type of the venue you run, where you run it or how long you have been running it)
The OLD Way Versus The NEW Way!
With the old way, you could easily spend £3000 to £5000 each month on local display and print advertising, and an additional £1,000 in expense for printing. Flyers, business cards, newspaper inserts, etc... 
You MUST Advertise!

That's true but sadly, those ads go straight to the bin or recycling bin, and only 1/1000 people will end up reading your ad. That means, you end up wasting AT LEAST £3,500 each month, because 99.99% aren’t even seeing your ads.

If you distributed your flyers to 5,000 people, and 50% of those who read your ad each bought £1 service…you still LOSE £2,500!

You’d need a 100% buyer’s rate JUST TO BREAK EVEN.

And even worse, you have no way to follow up with the thousands of people who never took action with your ad in the first place!

Traditional advertising becomes extremely expensive and unsustainable for many businesses and hospitality venues where the growing cost of overheads and trimming margins, it can be catastrophic when they don't work.
The NEW Way!
With the NEW way, if for example you spend £500 each month on direct response advertising or social media, you can push them directly into your funnel.
You can collect their email and phone number, and acquire 250 leads to follow up with. If you book only 25% of the leads you follow up with, you’ve just gained 63 NEW customers!
If you could only achieve 63 New Customers per campaign sequence, what would this mean for you business?

What if the average spend per customer at your venue is £40. What if you only manage to host them at least once a month for the next 12 months. 

That's a potential gross revenue of approximately £30,240...

...ALL coming from your investment of £500 in social media advertising and direct response marketing.

Can you see how something like this can work for you?

This is just one of the strategies and systems we can put in place and deploy for your venue so you can dominate your competition and give your customers the full experience of your vision.
If You Are Anxious About Putting All the Pieces Together, Don't be!
It can be overwhelming when you try to do this alone!
We are your engine room so You are not alone. 

You don't always know where to start. 

You get an idea for a new promotion or campaign that you'd like to offer and sell to customers...

You can see the vision...

You know exactly what you need to do!

You know how  THIS will change a lot of things for you ...
You know what I'm talking about.  

You feel like you've tried everything already. 

You've invested in a fancy (and perhaps expensive) website. 
Your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc...are all set up and active.

You advertise in your local papers and on directory listing sites. You print flyers and you even hire a distribution team
.... but you can't really get the impact you really want.  

The truth is; If you don't have a clear, efficient, measurable marketing strategy to drive your venue and know what is really working, things will become unsustainable. 

Advertising does not solve your problems.

Remember that Advertising Agencies Sell MEDIA. Not RESULTS.

They have different sorts of priorities than yours.

Most owners / managers tend to focus on their internal operations and deliverable. 
Their marketing strategy ( I mean their customers attraction and retention strategy) can often be summed up into paying ad space from agencies and publications in the hope that, they'll be concern about how effective these adverts are working for them and generating more customers and sales. 

Then you realize that this is is not the case.

Ad agencies concerns are mostly related to their media commissions, sales bonus, creatives, placements, peers and managers approvals.  and satisfying their clients preconceived ideas before anticipated results.  

You start wondering why things are not working as they should.
Worst, you are at the mercy of these expensive advertising sales people, tech experts, developers etc... All great people but NO Marketers.

AND the money-trap of having to pay too much money for something you don't even know will work or not...
And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO simple to put in place... things that should only take a few minutes...Somehow become days, and then weeks and then months.

With each passing day, your excitement for turning things around gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone...

Money wasted... Time wasted... Energy wasted ...with Little or Nothing to show for.

It becomes frustrating. Your staff is unmotivated and your customers base feels the rot, numbers starts to decline even faster, and your business continues to suffer. 

You know that things have to change.

There is a way to put an end to this; And you don't have to this alone.
We understand That It's Important To Get Results!
So that's why We help you get things under control as fast as possible. This  "new way of doing business online that gets results",  without the high cost of advertising you don't even control. 
Unless you have an Efficient, Dependable and Measurable mean of Attracting a sufficient flow of Customers to your venue, And Remain Profitable, It'll Be to Harder to Stay Open.
With this Master Plan executed for you, you will plug the leaking holes in your money bucket; Which means That You Will Transform Your Establishment.

You get custom made Digital Marketing and Sales Solutions designed and deployed for you to help attract, nurture and retain spending customers .
  •  Radically alter How You Acquire New Customers  
  •  Boost Your Sales Revenues
  •  Reduce Ad waste and Increase Profits 
Clear Benefits for your venue
  •  Deploy smart ways of attracting and retaining spending customers 
  •  Implement new or improve existing sales and operations systems 
  •  Fix identity issues (branding) and review core offers; 
  •  Get new / renewed strategies for local relevance and online advertising campaigns that bring results; 
  •  Get back to a clear vision of your message and your target audience; 
  •  Effective strategies to save you money and optimize your social media channels and advertising spend; 
  •  All your graphics and promo materials from a team that understands the hospitality industry really well. 
  •  Fast, Efficient, Reliable, Scalable services
  •  One point of contact and communication
This consultation will give you a clear, concise and honest.recommendations on powerful, well crafted Measurable Marketing Sales strategies to attract and retain more customers and transform your venue.
This is no 'theory'...
It's real word practice, in the trenches experience, battlefield tested strategies and tactics that WORK.
 But I Can’t Take Credit For All of It
I have pulled together everything I have ever learned and applied from EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at marketing and selling. 

I'm talking about my symbiotic group of mentors and coaches past and present. I added my own personal experiences to develop this system that uses online and offline strategies on the subject of creating the perfect environment to market and sell to consumers in the entertainment and hospitality industry.  
My 20 years experience in the trenches, gives you fresh, real life solutions that can quickly improve your business performance.  
Click the Red Button somewhere on this page for a Free 30 minutes Consultation.
From there it's just about finding out about how I can best help you and work together on the Master Plan. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. 

Let's make 2019 the Year of Improvement for your venue.

Serge Aoussou
Be Bold. Be Brave. Fly High

P.S. What will happen if you don't take this action today? 30 days from now you can be nothing more than 30 days older or reaping the benefits of our strategies and resources working to grow your venue. You choose.
Boosting your sales in the new economy
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