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The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.
"A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online." - Tony Robbins
What is Expert Secrets?
It is NOT just another “how to” book on Internet Marketing.
It is NOT about getting more traffic to your website - yet these secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE traffic than you’ve ever experienced before. 
It is NOT about increasing your conversion - yet these secrets will increase your conversion MORE than any headline tweak or split test ever could.   
Expert Secrets is A SHORTCUT. 
Low traffic or conversions are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that’s the good news).  
Inside you will find the actual playbook we created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works online. You now have access to all of the  processes, funnels and scripts that we used to scale companies online.  
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"Whatever I thought I knew about marketing and promotion has been enhanced by a hundredfold. This book is incredibly empowering". Serge Aoussou

" It's time to show you how 'Expert Secrets' has ALREADY dramatically changed things for so many entrepreneurs around the World! 
Hi, I'm Serge Aoussou from Amikan Digital.

Before continuing, I would like to tell you a quick story about how I came to discover this book and why I'm also on a mission to share it with as many people as I can. 

 After more than 20 years experience working in sales, marketing and promotion in the entertainment, hospitality and real estate industry, I have been fortunate to work alongside movers and shakers on exciting projects and ventures on 3 continents that have opened up my horizons, sharpened up my skills and deepened my sphere of expertise. 

Back in 2005, I was a partner and Marketing Director at a real estate company that went from a portfolio of 205 properties under management to a debt that literally put us out of business and got me into some serious personal trouble when the real estate market came crashing down on many of us back in 2008. 

It was brutal and unfortunately, I did not escape the punishing blow of the financial crisis that precipitated the downfall of many unprepared businesses. Large and small. 

With personal exposure to debt incurred, any assets and savings I had were no match to the dire prospect of bankruptcy that was slowly creeping up on me.

While I was dealing with lenders and creditors, my wife was splitting her time between 2 jobs and looking after our 2 lovely daughters.

I was down, demoralized and basically on the brink.  

I felt like a total failure.

I was trying to make sense of all these events hitting me all over.

These were tough times for us. Soul searching moments for me.

I questioned myself a lot and had my doubts but I never lost the belief in what I was trying to achieve. 

Many lessons had to be learned and I was prepared to face the teachers. 

I was down but alive. Stirred and shaken but never broken.

"I did it once, so I can do it again". I kept on telling myself.

You have to be resilient to be an entrepreneur.  Simple as that.
Persistence Makes the Difference - Back to the drawing board.

It was always clear to me WHAT I wanted in life but I knew that I needed to focus on the WHY.

When I did, something almost magical happened. I obtained Clarity Of Purpose.

I was on fire. Ideas and concepts were pouring out on the board. 

I went back to basics. After countless hours and months of research, planning, development and testing, Amikan Digital was launched to build websites and take the small business community online. 

For so many business owners, going online simply meant building a website. 

We already knew that success online requires more than having a website but we struggled to compete with the "flash website craze".

"All I want is to get more customer with my new website" They use to say.

As an independent digital agency, we were competing against so many other agencies offering websites that did very little to boost real performance.

The era of the "Dead Active Websites".

After running costs, making a profit became more difficult for each web development projects we were undertaking.  

We needed a new game plan.    

We used and tested many systems and strategies but It was still frustrating. 

That was until I received an invitation from my good old kick ass #Iamnotyourguru mentor Tony Robbins to join an exclusive online marketing training session with a guy called Russell Brunson promoting his upcoming new book "DotCom Secrets".   

When Tony says "check this out" well I do. 

So, I sign up and joined the training. 


Here is this fast talking guy talking about all the issues we have been encountering in our business. He outlined a solution process that blew my mind away. 

Not only that; he also shared each steps he took to build his own business and hands over the blueprint for us to implement....

He called it his Sales Funnel Blueprint. It was pure gold because it changed everything for me

I was buzzing at the end of the session.

I went back home and started to put everything I could into action. 

There weres so much more pieces of the puzzle to discover and implement but he promised to reveal all in the upcoming release of his book. 

So when the "Expert Secrets" book came out, I had to have it.

I was beaming with anticipation, because I had an sneak peak earlier in the year.

Gosh "Expert Secrets" did not disappoint. Everything has been laid bare to see.
"Is it even legal to disclose that many secrets in a single book?" I asked myself.
As a marketer myself, I must admit, I am in awe.

The content of this book humbles me.

The penny has finally dropped.

To really make money online and remain profitable, you need to set up winning sales funnels and reverse engineer the entire process with the end in mind.

It was simple but not easy but we did it.

We set up and implemented everything we could. We tested stuff. We tried stuff.

The concept of the "Epiphany Bridge" is awesome. Understanding our Client's Temperature has helped us enhance our communications and engagement strategies, therefore, helping us optimize our advertising spending.

Today, we have confidently used the "Expert Secrets" concepts to create various offers ranging from our software as a service business to our Web design offers or our consultation services. 

"Expert Secrets" has given us the clarity and certainty of purpose we needed to design and sell our Done for You Digital Transformation for Small Business Program.

3 years ago, I was barely scraping it.

Today, I'm back on track to reach our sales target of a quarter of a million with a clear growth plan. 

Some say that it's not much but I remind them that when you come back from the brink of disaster with a formula for success in the new economy, everything else is a bonus.

We are having the time of our lives and we are proud to remain 100% independent with no outside investment.

Hi again. My name is Serge Aoussou.

8 years ago, I was a financially, emotionally, and physically bankrupted entrepreneur.

Tony Robbins was a "friend"  when he recommended that I pay attention to Russell Brunson work.

Today, let me be your friend by recommending Russell Brunson's book "Expert Secrets".

If you ever wanted to get an unfair advantage, then This Is It!

This book will help you completely change the way you think about your business. I guarantee it.

Thanks for taking the time for reading this letter and I hope you enjoy the "Expert Secrets" book!

Cheers to you

Serge Aoussou |co-founder
London. United Kingdom

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More Testimonials from other successful Entrepreneurs who have read and applied some of the content covered in this book!
"Over 50,000 Women Have Joined Our 'Lady Boss' Community!" Kaelin Poulin.
In 2007, Kaelin's dad passed away.

In her grief, she developed a food addiction and her life started spiraling out of control. She gained a ton of weight and ended up being 180 pounds at 5'2''.

She realized she needed to get control back. She committed herself to lose the weight and get healthy.

It took her a long time to do the research and figure out what worked. But once she figured it out she became obsessed with working out and eating healthy.

But she realized it wasn't the fitness itself that motivated her. She remembers what it's like for women who don't know where to start or what to do on their journey to lose weight and take back their life.

Today, she is on a mission to help women lose weight and love themselves again.

Kaelin learned how to do the Perfect Webinar from Expert Secrets. She did the webinar over and over again every week for a year. 

Her business exploded from zero to over 50,000+ women who've enrolled in the program.
"I've literally gotten rid of every other book I've ever studied on marketing." Garrett J. White
Garrett never intended to become an "expert."

It was a long journey of pain that led to his expertise.

While money and fitness came relatively easy to him, Garrett didn't know how to be a husband. He didn't know how to show up as a father. He didn't know how to show up as a man of God.

As he searched for answers and tried to reclaim his manhood, he found that a lot of other men were going through the same pain he was. 

He found many men were struggling reclaim their manhood after being raised in a society that de-masculinize men.

"Wake Up Warrior" was the result of Garrett's journey through pain. He now leads thousands of men around the world on the conversation of "waking up."

Garrett has literally thrown away every other marketing book he's ever studied and focuses only on Russell's books.

After learning about the "New Opportunity" concept from the Expert Secrets book, Garret completely altered how he runs his ads. Since altering the language, he's seen a 46% increase in his conversions and traffic from his funnels.
Garrett also uses the Epiphany Bridge concept to help his students change their mindset and belief systems.

In 2016, Garrett sold out 36 of his "Warrior Week Experience" events. Each event averages 20-25 attendees and sells for around $10,000 per ticket. 

About 80% of his attendees upgrade to his "Kingdom Experience" - a 3-12 month experience that sells for between $25K-$50K.
"On that first webinar I sold more than I did in an entire year." Alison Prince
Alison Prince E-Commerce Expert
Alison started her first e-commerce business as a busy mom.
After pooling together $450 with her two friends, they launched their first e-commerce brand and slowly started making sales. 

As their company grew she decided she needed to take a trip to China in order to source their product.

She did not know Chinese or have any idea what she was doing. 

But after seven trips and some trial-and-error, she learned her way around the market and went on to build seven successful e-commerce brands.
Because her experience with e-commerce was so life-changing, she decided package her insights into a course to help other people who wanted to make money from home. 

Even though she knew how to sell physical products, she had difficulty positioning the opportunity she was trying to present to others. 

She knew it could change their lives but she just couldn't get them to understand this life-changing opportunity. She felt like she was coming across as too salesy. 

Then she found Russell Brunson and immersed herself in the Expert Secrets training. She launched her new webinar and sold more on that first webinar than she did previously in the entire year.

Most importantly though, is the fulfillment she gets because she is changing people's lives through her knowledge.
"...In the first 45 days I sold over 500 copies of my hot dog course!" Ben Wilson.
Ben Wilson got started in the hot dog business by accident. In 2007 he owned a successful furniture store went bankrupt shortly after the housing market crashed. 

After he closed his doors, he had to move out of his home, and get on food stamps to help his wife and kids survive.

A little while later, he heard about someone who had a successful hot dog cart business, and he decided that he should start his own. Within a few weeks his hot dog cart was profitable, and he was able to get off of food stamps!

Within a year, they had 20 carts, and had made over $120,000 selling hot dogs!

Because he knew the pain that his family went through, his started making YouTube videos showing others how they could start their own hot dog business as well!

After learning about Expert Secrets, Ben went from giving away his hot dog expertise to selling over 500 copies of his hot dog course in the first 45 days!  
"I recommend Expert Secrets to all my network marketing students" Jill Christensen
Jill teaches network marketers how to generate leads online.

She started in the network marketing industry as a young stay-at-home mom with two little boys.

She had always been entrepreneurial since childhood. But she thought she had to choose between babies and business.

She decided to stay at home with the kids but found herself missing being an entrepreneur. One day, a network marketing opportunity fell in her lap and she decided to go for it.

She started seeing some early success but soon ran into difficulties. Her business was taking her away from home on the weekends and she hated having to leave her children behind.
She realized that what she was doing was not helping her family... it was taking her away from her family.
This drove her to try to generate leads online. After a couple years of studying and implementing, she found something that worked.

Today, she coaches other moms in the network marketing industry on how to generate leads online so they can succeed in business and without having to sacrifice time with family.

She uses the Perfect Webinar and other strategies found in Expert Secrets to grow her coaching business.
"Personal Training Expert"
"Linh worked as a personal trainer for six years before deciding to take his business online" Linh Trinh
Linh worked as a personal trainer for six years before deciding to take his business online. He wanted to leverage his time to have more freedom and abundance in his life.
He started studying Internet marketing tactics like podcasts, blogs, SEO. But he found it didn't really help him because he didn't have the right strategies and no one knew who he was.

After discovering Russell's strategies he was able to enroll hundreds of guys in his online 12 and 16 week programs.

It wasn't long before other trainers started asking Linh how he was doing what he was doing.

In 2016 Linh spoke at a fitness training summit with over 200 trainers. He saw that there was so much pain inside the industry because no one really knew how to take their fitness business online.

He reached out to Russell for advice on how he could help these trainers. Russell suggested he put together a course that he could give to other personal trainers.
Linh realized that if he helped other personal trainers he could reach even more people around the world who struggle with obesity, depression, and negative self-image.

Through Russell's Expert Secret process Linh has positioned himself as an expert in the online training space. He has over 800 students enrolled in his $1,000 program and 25 people enrolled in his $25,000 mastermind.
As You Can See...
Expert Secrets Has Already Helped Thousands of Business owners Around The World...
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