"We Build Marketing & Sales Funnels that Help Attract More Customers, Save Money and Grow Businesses!"
About us
We love solving problems!

Amikan Digital is a team of experts offering various digital marketing and sales performance solutions to small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to compete and stay relevant in the digital economy today.

Our Team Members are also partners in the company with each one of them bring a minimum of 15 years experience at the highest level in their respective fields of expertise. 

You can always rely on their professional commitment to deliver the best and most appropriate solutions to your individual needs and requirements.

We are UK based and you can find us in burgeoning Brixton. South West London.

We work with clients locally and globally, always thriving to help them navigate and secure better positioning in their individual markets. 

Whether working with you in an advisory capacity or simply taking on the project management responsibilities for planning, designing, building and delivering these solutions, you can trust our focus and determination to help you reach your short and long term goals online.

We Make Things Easier 
We Make Things Better
We Put a smile on Your face by plugging your Marketing and Sales leaks


We ARE your trusted digital marketing and sales Consultants.
We help businesses successfully navigate and go digital:

We live in a fast paced society and technological breakthroughs are at the heart of it all.
Navigating the gamut and extricating "real life" solutions that can help your business attract more customers and help you save money in advertising is what we can add to your business.
- Optimize marketing and sales opportunities.
- Maximize operation and performance.
- Automate systems to Attract, Nurture and retain new or existing clients, customers or patients.

The truth is, it is only by testing and measuring theories and technologies against real life applications that we can truly know what is currently working and in what measure they can help you before confidently sharing our solutions.
Digital Transformation For Small Business!
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"In my opinion, this is the single most important investment a business has to make today, to have any chance (at all) to survive in this new economy."  Serge Aoussou - Co-Founder 

The Perfect Marketing Blend!

We use a mixture of good “old school” common sense marketing, with a perfect blend of creative genius added to a cup full of up-to-date strategies to create the Perfect Blend. Always served with a powerful dose of technological expertise, to help businesses like yours transform, adapt and better connect with their audience and grow in the digital economy.

"We work behind the scene to give you the space and time you need to shine and grow!"
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